Frequently Asked Questions....

Q: What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

A: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art originally developed in Japan that was brought to Brazil and further developed by the Gracie Family. It involves ground fighting (grappling) and focuses on submission holds with techniques such as joint locks and choke holds. Technique and skill are emphasized as opposed to only brute strength. This sport/martial art is effective for smaller body types because using leverage and technique can be used to overcome larger opponents. At Rally Point, many of our classes are taught using the gi (uniform) that allows using things like collars and sleeves to control an opponent. We will also be offering instruction for "no gi" meaning that practitioners grapple in tight fitting/spandex-like uniforms and use different types of controls similar to wrestling. 

Q: I'm not very aggressive. Can I handle this sport?

A: You'd be surprised who really gets into this sport! People from every walk of life, from the quiet and timid to the loud and outgoing find that they love this martial art. At Rally Point, we encourage people to give this sport a try at least for a few sessions before making a decision. We think you'll find this as an outlet for stress and aggression and keep coming back. 

Q: I'm not in very good shape. Should I wait until I loose some weight to try this?

A: While we encourage you to consult a doctor if you are not in good physical health before trying any sport, most of us have found that jumping into the sport has helped us get healthier. BJJ helps develop endurance, cardio, stamina and weight loss...and those are just the physical benefits. Studies are showing that BJJ has helpful effects to combat mental health issues like depression and anxiety as well. BJJ also helps with body awareness and has an element of mindfulness as well. 

Q: I have a history of trauma and don't like closed spaces. What happens if I have a panic attack?

A: Rally Point was created by people who understand and relate to trauma. We take a trauma-informed approach and want students to feel comfortable discussing potentially triggering situations with us. As coaches, we'll work with you on a plan for coping with distressing situations that allows you to train while feeling empowered. You will never be forced to roll (our term for sparring) with anyone that you feel uncomfortable rolling with. 

Q: Why the name "Rally Point?"

A: In the military world, a rally point is a designated place that a group of personnel move to and reassemble at should they become separated or dispersed. Since our school was started after the unexpected closure of a gym many of us trained at together, we thought this name captured how we got our start. We also like the idea that even though many of us come from different walks of life---doctors, military members, parents, kids, college students, hobbyists and competitors, you name it... we all come together and regroup on the mats.